Anus the menace - number two - MMSA story - Child Corporal Punishment Agency [CCPA.

The war is said to be because Bishops former best friend double crossed Bishop and Bishop threatened that heads would roll and the guy was killed. The guy was an only child from Nnewi and the Nnewi people are bent on killing Bishop. They also intend to kill as many of his family and loyalist as possible is why they went on a killing spree after targeting and killing Bishops father.

For three or four years, my hubby Steve (now long-time ex) and I had some reasonable success and enjoyment of swapping partners at what were then called 'wife swapping' parties.

At first it was quite a thrill to be doing this kind of naughty thing, being the late 1970s, early 1980s, going round to someone's house, throwing car keys into a fruit bowl and soon finding out which husband or partner I would be getting!

But after a while it became rather boring in most respects, sloping off upstairs for which was more often than not just a quick shag, not especially satisfying sexually, but just kind of 'OK' and a bit of a laugh.

Steve was feeling pretty much the same way as me, and to cut a long story short, we soon were invited to an adult party, which would involve a number of couples, hinted to be a step up from simply wife swapping.

The invite announced that the evening's theme would be school boy / school girl, so Steve and I had to hire a couple of suitable uniforms, take some alcoholic beverages, and just turn up at the appointed address and time. The hosts, Geoff and Barbara, would be introducing us to their group of swinger friends, we would be the newbies, it was explained that Steve and I would be the youngest there by quite some years.

I was not really bothered by that, just hoped that they were nice people up for a bit of naughty fun.

When the date came around, we donned our uniforms, ordered a cab and sat nervously with some anticipation of the cab arriving. Steve and I had had some discussions regarding if I should wear tights, which I favored, or stockings and suspenders, but Steve's persuasive powers won through!

On the taxi's arrival, the taxi driver quickly noticed our uniforms, as we walked down our driveway, he jumped out of his cab, opened the rear door and ushered me into the rear seat. He must have got a real eyeful of my stocking tops, and a bit more besides, as my quite short blue pleated gym skirt rode up as I slid into the cab! I did notice the huge grin on his face as he leered down at me - mind you, Steve's face had a very similar expression too!

Steve squeezed in on the rear seat next to me, whispering in my ear about how really sexy I looked in my uniform, which was straw boater hat, white blouse, blue tie, school satchel, skirt now showing my black stocking tops and suspender clips. I just said that I hoped it was worth the trouble of hiring this stuff.

After the 30minutes ride, we arrived at Geoff and Bab's home, which surprisingly was a large detached house in a very upmarket area of our City. On pulling up on the driveway, the cab driver was again quickly out of his cab, coming round to open my door, his eyes fixed on my legs, and that huge grin returned to his facial expression.

Steve followed me out of the cab, saying 'think your gonna be really popular tonight, Vicky!'

As we walked up towards the house front door, it was opened by Geoff, who quickly but politely looked me up and down. 'Well,' he said, 'how nice to meet you, come and join our gang, I'll fix you some drinks.'

Steve handed over our bottle of gin and bottle of Scotch to Geoff, he ushered us down the huge hallway and into their kitchen/dining area, shouting across to his wife 'Hey Babs, come and meet the new guys, they're here!'

Babs was very welcoming, while Geoff fixed our drinks and invited to visit the buffet table, she announced us to their friends, 8 other couples, all maybe 10-15 years older than us, in their late thirties through to maybe early 50's.

They all looked around at Steve and I, we had been worried about meeting with them, but all was fine, some nice comments about our uniforms, and everyone else had made a great effort for school boy / girl theme.

We made some small talk with some of them for a few minutes, then Geoff appeared with our drinks, saying 'OK everyone through to the lounge now, take your seats as you wish.

The lounge was huge, 3 large sofa's, four or five lounge chairs, Steve and I sat together on one of the sofas, I was getting increasingly nervous as I was already getting admiring looks from some of the guys as my skirt rode up again as I settled into the sofa.

Babs was last into the lounge, making sure everyone had a fresh drink in hand. Geoff didn't sit down, he made a quick announcement that it would be great if everyone made Steve and I very welcome, and said he was so pleased that the group now had some new, younger members.

Then came a bit of shock! He hadn't mentioned the 'initiation' ceremony! I was certainly puzzled, Steve could see that in my face, saying 'Well that's a surprise to me too!'

Geoff asked me to go stand with him, while I levered myself out of the sofa, he was pulling a colored box from behind a chair, when I got closer to him, I noticed the 'Twister' logo! Ah right, I thought, here we go then, me and Steve on the Twister mat!

As Steve made a move to join me, Babs said 'Oh not you Steve, this is just for Vicky.... a bit of fun to see how brave she really is....'

Geoff spread the Twister mat out onto the floor then sat on the nearest chair with the Twister spinner thing on his lap. Babs took my arm and led me onto the mat, first thing she told me to do was take off my shoes as the 6in heels would make holes in the mat!

She said 'Vicky, if there's any point at which you want to quit, just say so..... but I am sure everyone here would be so disappointed!' Mumbles around the room as everyone agreed on that one!

Babs let go of my arm and I heard a 'ping' as Geoff flicked the spinner into action. In some ways I was thinking 'What have I let myself in for?'

Well the first few spins were pretty tame, my feet and hands easily landing on the colored spots as required, but after a couple more spins it was clear that Geoff was cheating and was only interested in getting me into the most revealing positions.

Whichever way I was turning or moving, my skirt was riding up higher and higher, my stocking tops and suspender clips clear for all to see, Geoff's intentions were mainly devoted to getting me into positions where my feet became further and further apart - it was also clear that the other guys in the lounge were really enjoying the display!

Eventually the spinner came up with a move that I could not reach, Babs said 'OK - forfeit time!' Ooops' I thought to myself!

'So far so good' she said, 'now we want to up the stakes a little, well a lot actually, if you're up for it?'

'So how?' I asked. She said 'We turn this into the strip Twister version.... if you can't reach a circle, you have to remove, or have removed for you, an item of clothing.'

I glanced a quick look at Steve.... he kind of nodded his head to indicate it was not a problem for him, so I told Babs I would to continue, though I was getting rather nervous at this stage.

Sure enough, Geoff's next spins were impossible for me to achieve reaching the colored spots... within minutes I had lost my hat and satchel, then my blouse (I was wearing a bra though!) so at that stage my school tie, skirt, bra, panties, stockings and suspenders were left.

A couple of spins later the tie went, then unexpectedly Babs called a halt on proceedings. Asking the 'audience' what they were thinking so far about this, there came some really flattering comments. Babs said something like 'How about we change this around a bit?'

Seemed like the general opinion was 'yes'.... she told Geoff to put the spinner away, and told him to kneel down on the floor close to me. At that time I was almost on all fours in any case, so Babs told me to get further down on hands and knees which was quite a relief as my arms and legs were aching quite a bit by now.

Babs told Geoff to move around so he was right behind me, I was not really sure how much he could see of me, could he see my panties? I was not sure at all!

Then Babs came and knelt down at my right hand side.... 'Lets see how brave you are now Vicky,' with somehow a hint of menace in her voice!

Right then I felt her pulling up the hem at the back of my skirt, I felt it sliding upwards over my bum cheeks until my skirt was right up, at which point she tucked it into the waistband of my suspenders.

'How's that then, Geoff? Is that OK for you?' she asked.

'Perfect Babs, perfect!' was his response. Then I felt her reach around and grab both sides of my panties, feeling them being gently tugged down the sides of my hips, quite slowly - as if teasing Geoff who was still kneeling right behind me.

Slowly, further and further my panties were being lowered, brushing down to the lower part of my bum cheeks, then she stopped!

'Aw,' said Geoff, 'we were just about to get a great expose!' I guessed he meant that my pussy was still out of view!

'Oh,' she said, 'you'll have to kiss her ass before you get to see her pussy.' The next second I felt his warm breath close behind me, then a kiss on my left cheek, then my right cheek. Then ping, Babs yanked my panties right down to my knees!

So far I had not really noticed, but all the guys we now sat behind me and Geoff, watching the action as it was happening.

There was quite a bit of cheering and laughing going on, of course they had a great view by now. I sneaked a quick peek across to Steve, who was still sitting in the same place, he too had a wicked smile on his face, and one of the other females had gone across to sit next to him.

It was clear that she had her hand somewhere around this shorts zip, and she was giggling away......all I could think of was 'oh well, what's good for him, is good for me.'

At that point I just thought 'Oh what the hell!'

So far I had kind of kept my knees pretty close together while on hands and knees, and I could hear a couple of the guys saying about 'seeing some more.' I didn't think it would be too bad if I kind of parted my knees a little.

Babs quickly said 'Hey I didn't tell you to do that!' rather crossly - Geoff responded 'Well it's OK with me and the guys, that's a much better view.'

It was strange, but I was getting quite worked up, sexually, thinking about what they could see back there!

Then one of the guys shouted out 'hey Geoff, is she fully shaved?'

I think Geoff must have looked over to Babs, as she said 'OK then, you can have a feel now.... go on Vicky, get those knees spread some more.'

I shuffled my knees wider apart, until they could go no further as my panties were stretched to the limit, but they all seemed happy now about the view I guess.

Then I felt Geoff's hand lightly brush over my pussy lips, I shuddered slightly with the shock for a second, then felt his fingers exploring my pubic bone area..... 'Oh she's fully shaven for sure guys!'

I heard one of the guys saying 'Oh fuck guys, a fully shaven one, wow wow wow!'

Again I looked across to Steve, he was sitting with his head thrown back, the female sat next to him had her head right in his lap, moving up and down on him. 'You dirty sod, I know what they're up to' I thought to myself.

Next thing I felt a hand on each of my bum cheeks, at first I thought they must be Geoff's hands, I managed to look around and in fact it was Babs who had started massaging me. Gently and smoothly at first, then with more and more pressure, Geoff saying 'Oh that's nice Babs, she's getting really worked up.' Well he was right about that!

His fingers were still between my legs, gently tickling the area just above and around my pubic bone (how did he know that I loved being touched gently just there!?), his palm gently brushing my upper pussy lips and clitoris hood. I could feel my heartbeat rising with each movement of his hand, then felt his fingers move from my pubic bone area right onto my pussy lips.

Babs had shuffled a little further around so she was closer to Geoff, still with her hands on both my buttocks. I could not fully see what she was doing, except that she was now concentrating on holding my bum cheeks further and further apart.

The room had become pretty quiet now, the guys were watching from behind, Geoff saying, 'Oh yes, look at that pussy shining, it's so moist, she's loving it.' One of the guys watching said 'Hey Geoff, move over a bit, we can't see properly.'

I felt Geoff shuffle over a little, his fingers remaining on my pussy lips, mostly running them up and down the length of my pussy slit.

'How's that Rick?' he said, 'Is that OK for you?' Babs then said to Geoff, 'Why don't you open her up a little, keep the guys happy...'

She pulled at my ass cheeks more powerfully this time, I felt Geoff's fingers pressuring my pussy lips, making them part slightly, but Babs was not happy with that. Quite crossly she told Geoff to stop messing about. He took the hint, now using both hands to pull my pussy lips apart.

'That's more like it,' said Babs, 'Is that OK for you now Rick?' All Rick could say was 'Oh boy, pinky bits!'

'Come and have a closer look Rick, come on right now'. I kind of half saw and heard Rick join us 3 on the floor. He was kneeling between Babs and Geoff, admiring the close up view, her hands pulling at my bum cheeks and Geoff's fingers prizing open my pussy lips.

Babs told me to spread my knees further, but I could not as my panties were at full stretch on my knees. 'Rick, get her panties off, pull them right off now.' I was a bit surprised about how assertive Babs had become!

As Rick tugged at my panties, I had to raise each knee in turn, until he managed to get them down to my ankles, he pulled the left side from around my foot, but for some strange reason he left the right side of my panties hanging from my right ankle!

I didn't wait for Bab's next instruction, I already knew what she and the wanted..... my knees as wide apart as they'd go. Or was it me just pushing myself further sexually?

'Ok, good girl Vicky,' she said, 'Now the fun can really begin. Ok Geoff, get her really juiced up now.'

His fingers, I don't know how many, definitely two or three, slipped right inside me. 'Oh she's hot,' he told the guys watching. Within seconds he was pumping his fingers in and out, my pussy was so wet that everyone in the lounge must have heard the squelching and slopping noises I was making.

I tried to look around behind me as best as I could, Babs still leaning over from my right hand side, her hands still yanking on my bum cheeks, her head peering down watching her husband's fingers punching in and out, Rick there just watching the action, I could hardly see Geoff as he was right behind me.

They continued this for a few more minutes, one of Bab's hands let go of my ass cheek, she must have been testing for Geoff's cock's reaction as she soon said 'oh this is doing the trick for you, isn't it.' I could only guess she was feeling his cock through his shorts. Geoff did not reply.

Then I heard a zip being pulled down, it was Babs taking his cock out of his shorts. 'Oh yes, you're loving this Geoff..... are you ready to fuck her now?'

'Oh yes Babs,' he replied. I was a bit surprised they did not ask me first though! Which seemed a funny thing for me to think at that stage!

She moved around a little further behind me, telling Rick to go the other side of Geoff, her hands leaving my ass cheeks. 'Let me do that,' I heard her say and seconds later I could feel the tip of Geoff's cock stroking up and down the length of my pussy slit.

Babs was asking Geoff how that felt, him saying he wanted to put it right inside.... she telling him to be patient! It was clear that she was holding his cock, she was driving the circumstances again!

Feeling the tip of his cock on my pussy lips and clitoris hood was driving me crazy, my heart was pounding even more now, my breathing heavier. I felt myself subconsciously trying to push myself back onto him, but she would not let him put his cock inside. I was getting desperate for it to go inside me.

This continued for a few minutes, Geoff moaning occasionally as his cock tip managed to sneak inside slightly, but Babs quickly yanking him away from me to prevent him. It was all a game to them, they were laughing away together, but the rest of the room was pretty silent.

Then Babs said 'OK, OK, now you can fuck her, but don't you dare come inside her.'

Quickly her hands were back on my ass cheeks, puling them wide apart, Geoff stroked his cock tip against my pussy lips a couple of times, saying 'oh yes, oh yes' as he did so.

I could almost not bear this any longer, I felt myself losing control and pushed myself backwards onto him.

The relief of feeling him slip right into me was amazing, I could feel him push hard at me, taking the initiative, trying to hold my hips still, clearly wanting me to stay steady, he was now taking the lead.

The room was more noisy now, they guys especially shouting and cheering Geoff along the way, somehow this making him thrust faster and harder, him pressing down on my hips so I could barely move. I'd never expected this party to be like this!

Geoff continued to hump away, sometimes slowing, changing the pace as he required.... slowly, medium, fast and hard, mixing the pleasure for both of us.... his breathing quickening and louder, then with a big groan he pulled out!

I looked around again, he was hunched over me kind of, I could see Bab's right arm moving up and down, clearly she was reaching down and wanking him, his cock tip occasionally touching against my pussy lips, she was in the driving seat now!

Then a loud groan from Geoff, then the first splash of sperm on my left bum cheek, then another splash just above my anus, then feeling the tip of his cock being rubbed on my pussy lips..... the room buzzing with lurid comments.

Babs still had hold of his cock, now I could feel it right between my bum cheeks, sliding upwards from my pussy, over my anus, rubbing his tip into his sperm, then sliding his cock back down again, lingering on my anus before returning to my pussy lips.

I felt Geoff move backwards, thinking this session of fun was over.... only to be slightly taken aback as Babs said 'OK, Rick, your turn now!'

Blimey, I thought to myself, this bunch don't mess about!

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Anus The Menace - Number TwoAnus The Menace - Number Two